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Capstone Painting is thrilled to announce the launch of the $2000 Trades Scholarship this year!


The future generation of trades workers is essential to the development of Canada and the Waterloo Region. We at Capstone Painting are excited to promote great careers in the trades and to aid one student pursuing post-secondary education with the goal of working in the skilled trades. We aim to empower this pivotal moment in their lives, supporting one student at a time!



Daniel Rust, Owner  

Special Thank You to the GVCA


I would like to also extend a special thank you to the Grand Valley Construction Association (GVCA) for believing in this cause, and for matching Capstone Painting's $1000. Because of their generosity, the winning student of this scholarship will be receiving $2000!


Tradespeople are the backbone of our communities; they build, maintain, and enhance the infrastructure that we all rely on daily. From the homes we live in to the offices we work in, and the schools we learn in, trades workers play an essential role in shaping and sustaining our work, life, and play environments. 


Many seasoned professionals are approaching retirement, and there is a pressing need for a new generation of skilled workers to fill their shoes. There is a huge opportunity now for young people to enter this field that offers rewarding and fulfilling careers.


The purpose of this $1000 Trades Scholarship is to support and encourage high school students in the Waterloo Region who are passionate about pursuing a career in trades. By providing financial assistance, this scholarship aims to ease the burden of educational expenses and help students embark on their journey into post-secondary education. 

Who can Apply?


  • Residency: The applicant must be a current grade 12 student residing in the Waterloo region.

  • Enrollment Status: The applicant must be enrolled in a Waterloo region high school at the time of application.

Field of Study

  • The scholarship is limited to students who plan to enter a post-secondary program in one of the following trades:

    • Plumbing

    • Electrical Work

    • Carpentry

    • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning)

    • Pipefitting

    • Welding

    • Automotive Technology

    • Masonry

    • Heavy Equipment Operation

    • Other trades-related fields (subject to approval by the selection committee)

How do I Apply?

All applications must be submitted via the Google Form linked below through the "Apply Here" button. Please note that the following information listed here will all be required. 

Applicant Information

  • Full Legal Name

  • Date of Birth

  • Home Address

  • Personal Email Address

  • Personal Phone Number

Educational Background

  • Name of High School

  • High School Address

  • Cumulative Grade 12 GPA

Trade Program Information

  • Intended Trade Program

  • Name of Post-Secondary Institution You Plan to Attend

  • Program Start Date

Required Materials

  • Academic Transcript: Please attach a copy of your high school academic transcript.

  • Short Essay: 

    • Please explain one major way in which you see your selected industry will be changing within the next 5-10 years.  (Maximum 3500 characters)

  • Letter of Recommendation: 

    • From a teacher, academic advisor familiar with your academic work, or from a community leader, employer, or mentor who can speak to your character and potential. 

What's Next?

Selection Process

  • Applications will be reviewed by a selection committee consisting of the owner of Capstone Painting and selected community leaders.

  • Finalists may be invited for an interview with the selection committee.

  • The scholarship recipient will be notified by August 31st 2024, and the award will be presented on September 14th 2024. 

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